October 26, 2020

The Sideshow Tragedy: After The Fall

Garage blues rock duo The Sideshow Tragedy once again made the track from Austin, TX to Kenny Siegal's Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY to record the songs for a new album. It took quite some time - 18 months - to finalize After The Fall. Guitarist Nathan Singleton was an emotional mess after his marriage fell apart and it became the main theme for the new songs. With his band mate Jeremy Harrell having his back on drums the nigthmare was turned into a farewell letter to his former wife. The lyrical references to his musical heroes are plentiful, with the album's closer Forever Young as the most obvious one, with the nod the Stones classic Stray Cat Blues in Capital Crime as a close second.

Ben Senterfti (saxosphones) and multi-instrumentalist Kenny Siegal repeise their roles as musical sidemen like they did on the duo's previous album The View From Nowhere. Marc Ribot's instantly recognizable guitar gives Hold On It a avant-jazz funk twist. Backing singers Storey Littleton, Casey Ramos and Cally Mansfield give the record a Seventies rock feel.

After The Fall is about a man trying to get back on his feet after a nasty spin. It nearly put an end to the duo as well, but thankfully Singleton decided that he needed his music as a means to survive. The chorus of The Lonely One sums it up nicely: "My teeth are loose in my head My gums are bleeding my breath smells like death // Won't take no medicine no doctor prescribes // But that's ok cuz you know I ain't ever gonna die". The unitiated may think it is long lost Lou Reed song, which is actually a compliment for his razor sharp lyrical ability to use plain language to harness his emotions.

The Sideshow Tragedy:
Nathan Singleton: vocals, guitars, bass
Jeremy Harrell: drums, percussion, programming, background Vocals
Kenny Siegal: piano, Hammond B-3, Mellotron, programming, background vocals, Fender VI on "The Lonely One"
Marc Ribot: lead guitars on "Hold On It"
Ben Senterfit: bari + tenor + alto sax
Storey Littleton + Casey Ramos + Cally Mansfield: background vocals

After The Fall is released via Spaceflight Records (vinyl, CD). Digital via Bandcamp. Release date: October 30th.

  1. After the Fall
  2. Easy Action
  3. Hold On It
  4. The Lonely One
  5. Capital Crime
  6. Same Thing
  7. What I Mean
  8. Forty Days
  9. Young Forever

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