November 23, 2017

The Sideshow Tragedy: The View From Nowhere

Garage blues rock duo The Sideshow Tragedy expanded their musical palette on their new album The View From Nowhere. Ben Senterfti played funky bariton and alto sax to add colour to Time To Taste and the album's producer Kenny Siegal played various keyboards, piano, upright bass and vibraphone, but the core of Nathan Singleton (vocals, resonator guitar) and Jeremy Harrell (drums) is always upfront.

Playing roots rocks with an irresistible backbeat is their bread and butter. Nevermind that the lyrics deal with heartbreak (For Your Love) and other mishaps (Nobody), The Austin, TX based duo deliver what their band name implies: putting one hell of an upbeat show, using raw blues to harness their grievances and turn them into a celebration.

Like their previous album Capital they recorded on tape in Old Soul Studios, in Catskill, NY. You can't beat that medium if you want a live feel. And by including two bonus tracks of their second album Persona they offer record buyers a taste of their back catalog. Smart move, they will want more after hearing The View From Nowhere.

The View From Nowhere is released on French blues label Dixiefrog. USA release in March 2018.

  1. Lost Time
  2. Piston Blues
  3. Trust
  4. Nobody
  5. Time To Taste
  6. Afraid To Fall
  7. Long Time Coming
  8. For Your Love
  9. The View From Nowhere
    Bonus tracks (from the 2012 album Persona):
  10. Gasoline
  11. The Bet

Live dates:
  • 11/28 Austin, TX @ Stay Gold
  • 12/09 San Angelo, TX @ The Dead Horse


HCTF review of Capital.

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