October 14, 2020

John Cale & Kelly Lee Owens: a chat in AnOther Magazine

John Cale and Kelly Lee Owens had a chat via AnOther Magazine to discuss their recent collaboration on Owen's new song Corner Of My Sky, being Welsh, electronics as a tool for creating music and not neing to play before an audience.

JC: In this new normal, one of the things I miss most is performing live. There’s nothing to fill that void of the connection with the audience on the night. Have you considered a way to connect with your audience by other means?

KLO: I miss it too, there’s nothing like it. I think that’s one thing we’ve realised during this time: we need each other. We need to share spaces and come together, connection is everything. In terms of finding new ways of connecting, I’ve DJ’d inside the game Minecraft which was a trip! I also had three album listening parties with fans on Zoom, everyone dancing in their bedrooms or living rooms; it felt like a beautiful way to connect to people and experience the album together. I’m also looking at a streamed live performance, but would want to make sure it sounds perfect and looks beautiful.

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