October 06, 2020

Crown Vic Royal: There's Still Time

Chicago quartet Crown Vic Royal play old school blues rock, with a bit of country like it was all the rage in the Seventies. The three tracks on their new There's Still Time tick all the required boxes, save" for the backing vocals who have a tendency to come in late and get in the way of the groove.

When live music eventually returns to the Windy City, they can provide a set of heartfelt originals. Some bands just can't quite cut it in a studio, but were destined to thrive on stage.

Crown Vic Royal:
Dave Buchanan: vocals, guitar
Vini Bruckert: guitar
Brendan Cawley: bass, vocals
Joe Scott: drums, vocals

There's Still Time is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Blue Highway
  2. Solution
  3. I'll Be There, Too

» crownvicroyal.com

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