September 18, 2020

Tugboat Captain: Day To Day

English baroque-pop quartet Tugboat Captain have releaded Day To Day, the second single from their forthcoming debut album Rut. It's a tongue-in-cheek look at everyday chores and doubts about a relationship. They have set the bar pretty low for being happy, but somehow it's still too high. It builds up to a huge false ending, before anger and depression take over in the second half. Take note of the great use of both strings and brass. This kind of old school, carefully cradftmanship that is pretty rare these days.

Tugboat Captain:
Alexander Sokolow: guitar and vocals
Domenico Caderni: keys and bassoon
Joshua Cobb: bass and vocals
Georgia Mancey: drums
Strings: Helena Unwin, Cameron Jacobs, Nadia Eskarandi
Brass: Joshua Cobb, Joseph Hurrell, Oli Arnold

Their debut full-length Rut will be released on red vinyl via Double A-Side Records on October 16th.

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