June 27, 2020

Tugboat Captain: No Plans (For This Year)

Baroque-pop quartet Tugboat Captain sound quintessentially English on their new single No Plans (For This Year). Aided by a brass and strings section they have build a pocket symphony a la The Kinks and The Zombie, with some current indie rock thrown in for good measure. They recorded it at Abbey Road - not during the financially crippling, regular business hours, and the superb acoustics of that facility ensured an open, warm sound. Best enjoyed with some tea and biscuits. Their debut full-length Rut will be released on red vinyl via Double A-Side Records later this year.

Tugboat Captain:
Alexander Sokolow: guitar and vocals
Domenico Caderni: keys and bassoon
Joshua Cobb: bass and vocals
Georgia Mancey: drums
Strings: Helena Unwin, Cameron Jacobs, Nadia Eskarandi
Brass: Joshua Cobb, Joseph Hurrell, Oli Arnold

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