September 29, 2020

The Silverbeets: We Mattered (Once Upon a Time)

Australian psych art rock quartet The Silverbeets take aim at the powers that be on their new single We Mattered (Once Upon a Time). Greed rules supreme and those who can't keep up are left behind. While the lyrics are bleak and political, they chose to wrap their message in upbeat, shifting rhythms with just a hint of ska. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, they send out a warning and a message of hope that it's not too late to turn the tables in favour of the less priviliged.

The Silverbeets:
Farnz Cordeaux: rhythm guitar, vocals
Billy O'Brien: drums
Nigel Hope: bass
Jamie Scott: lead guitar, vocals

The self-released single is the lead single for their new album Halcyon Days, available for pre-order here.


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