September 30, 2020

Templo Diez: Starlight

Dutch band Templo Diez are back with Starlight, an album that mixes dark Americana, dream pop and college rock. Five years in the making it is well worth the wait. The band's songwriter and singer Pascal Hallibert has written sad tales about traveling, love lost and found, insanity, and the beauty of the sea at night.

Leejon Verhaeg, Paolo Panza, Hans Custers and Shireen van Dorp provide a gentle backing that is actually quite intense. Soft-spoken, but packing a punch Templo Diez touches base with Bruce Springsteen in a mellow mood and the Velvet Underground on their third album.

Templo Diez: Starlight

Starlight is released via Innerstate 65. Release date: October 2.

  1. 305 South
  2. Night Wind
  3. The Sound of Waves
  4. Southern and the Dog
  5. Clear Fence
  6. More Rain on Vegas
  7. Sister
  8. In Times of Madness
  9. Forty Seconds
  10. Going Surfing


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