May 01, 2020

Red Hearted Vibrations: Wildfire

Glaswegian rock band Red Hearted Vibrations are still in power ballad mode with their new single Wildfire, with the token screaming guitar solo and ... wait for it ... a keyboard solo as well. The lyrics paint a dark picture, coming straight out of the fantasy genre that now has become a reality: "Lost and all alone, an amber blaze and molten stone // We’re taking life for granted, they’ve had and lost a home // A city of plants and trees, darkened by the smoke // The spread of mankind’s disease, tearing flesh from bone". It's a bit over the top for sure, but it sounds great. Back in the day these would have been the cye for the audience to lift their lighters in the air as a gesture of appreciation.

Red Hearted Vibrations:
Laura Nelson: vocals
Steven Nelson: drums
Graham White: bass
Craig White: guitars, vocals
Scott Brown: keyboard, piano
Ewan Driver: guitars

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