May 15, 2020

HCTF premiere - Combo Qazam: "Logorrhea" video

Dutch indie quartet Combo Qazam have unveiled a video for Logorrhea, the third single from their upcoming debut album Flight Music, out on May 20 via Tiny Room Records . Logorrhea is defined as "a tendency to extreme loquacity", in other words not being able to shut up while not saying much. Is it about the shallowness and fake realities on social media then? Yes, it is. The message is wrapped in an off-kilter mix of post-punk. Krautrock and dance, on top of a groove that you can dance to while contemplating the lyrics. The clip was made by Mark Jennings.

Band members Ab Al-Tamimi, Gino Miniutti, Arno Breuer and Stefan Breuer have been part of the Dutch underground for years. They claim to have 80 years of experience in 40 bands, which might be an underestimation. All those bands have two things in common: being original and DIY. Combo Qazam is shaping up to be another interesting addition to their resumes.

A day before the release the album will be streamed in full during an Advance Listening Session on May 19 21:00-22:00 CET. Flight Music is available for pre-order (vinyl, digital) here.


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