May 21, 2020

Big Stir Singles: The Sixth Wave

The Sixth Wave, the latest addition to CD series compiling the Digital Singles Series by the folks at Californian power pop label Big Stir Records, is another treasure trove of songs by bands from their roster. Starting out innocently enough the songs get more serious as the contributions from the social distance era enter the ring - Door by Paula Carino and Earn Enough For Us by Glowbox, dealing with loneliness and money trouble respectively. The Accepted Time by The Corner Laughers was written way before the shit hit the fan, but now the lyrics have a whole new meaning.

All worries aside The Sixth Wave is first and foremost a celebration of melodic, psych pop in all it guises: the deviant No by The Walker Brigade, the garage rocker Go For A Ride by Trip Wire, the chugging weirdness of Automatic Caution Door by Dolph Chaney, the don't give fuck attitude of Big Bang by Jim Basnight. As per usual all the A-sides are followed by the B-sides in the same running order. The choice for a song to be designed as either side is arbitrary. There are no throwaway filler tracks. This compilation is a gateway to bands you might not have heard of before. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

The Sixth Wave is released via Big Stir Records. 25% of all proceeds Sweet Relief's Musician Assistance Fund.

  1. Librarians With Hickeys - Until There Was You
  2. Popdudes - Ridin' In My Car
  3. Dolph Chaney - The Handling
  4. Jim Basnight - This Is Where I Belong
  5. The Walker Brigade - No
  6. Paula Carino - Door
  7. Glowbox - Earn Enough For Us
  8. Tom Curless & The 46% - I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
  9. The Well Wishers - We Grow Up
  10. Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs - Living With Me
  11. Trip Wire - Katie Says
  12. The Corner Laughers - The Accepted Time
  13. Spygenius - Spite
  14. Librarians With Hickeys - And Then She's Gone
  15. Popdudes - Daytime Nighttime Suffering
  16. Dolph Chaney - Automatic Caution Door
  17. Jim Basnight - Big Bang
  18. The Walker Brigade - Fallout
  19. Paula Carino - Welcome, Spiders
  20. Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs - Home
  21. Trip Wire - Go For A Ride
  22. The Corner Laughers - Queen Of The Meadow
  23. Spygenius - Heaven Is Blue

HCTF review of Big Stir Singles: The Fifth Wave.

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