May 21, 2020

Starlight Girls: Get Right

It's been four years since Brooklyn retro-pop band Starlight Girls released their Fantasm album, but now they are back with Get Right, the lead single for the upcoming EP Entitled, out on June 8. Their overall sound hasn't changed that much - maybe it's a little rougher around the edges - and now that they have grown into a sextet there is more room to stretch out. Indie baroque peppered with vaudeville and a surprise country & western popping up at the end. The video was directed by lead singer Christina Bernard.

Starlight Girls
Christina Bernard: vocals, keyboards
Sara Mundy: keyboards, vocals
Shaw Walters: guitar
Tysen Arveson: bass
Josh Davis: drums, percussion
Isabel Alvarez: vocals

Get Right is a self-released single. Buy it from their website.

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