April 07, 2020

Geiger von Müller: Ruby Red Run!

London based acoustic slide guitarist Geiger von Müller has made an album that could be uses for a Western where people are minding their own business until aliens show up, hovering over the plains in towering spaceships. Ruby Red Run! is sparse and lo-fi, a fine example of blues-tinged roots music meeting jazz, recorded on a shoestring budget.

Von Müller is a sonic explorer, stretching his notes and sometimes bending his strings until they almost break. He uses resonance as a means of creating feedback and he can sound like a one-man guitar army, playing lead and rhythm simultaneously.

Ruby Red Run! is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. Vater Sebastian
  2. Origins #3
  3. First Revisit
  4. New Tracks 44/a
  5. Interstellar Resorption #3
  6. Data Protocol Ruby
  7. Real Great Escape
  8. Data Protocol Red
  9. New Tracks 44/b
  10. New Tracks 44/Salami
  11. Rebirth
  12. Next Revisit
  13. Wings From Angel James (Medley)
  14. New Tracks 44/c

» geigervonmuller.com

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