April 17, 2020

Combo Qazam: "Owls" video

Dutch indie quartet Combo Qazam have made a video for Owls, the second single from their upcoming debut album Flight Music, out on May 20 via Tiny Room Records . It's a dystopian song about wandering around in a city that is falling apart, with a propulsive rhythm that is both catchy and disorienting. Something is utterly wrong, but they don't offer disclosure about what is happening. Post-punk meets Krautrock and together they invite the listener to dance on the volcano.

Band members Ab Al-Tamimi, Gino Miniutti, Arno Breuer and Stefan Breuer have been part of the Dutch underground for years. They claim to have 80 years of experience in 40 bands, which might be an underestimation.

Dutch live dates:
  • 06/21 Gigant, Apeldoorn
  • 09/26 Burgers 30 Year Anniversary, Eindhoven
  • 10/01 Willem Twee, Den Bosch
  • 10/02 Patronaat (The Irrational Library), Haarlem
  • 12/11 The Oven, Hasselt (BE)
  • 12/12 De Schuit, Katwijk aan Zee (w/ The Guru Guru)

» comboqazam.com

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