April 03, 2020

Broeder Dieleman: Jakobsladder

Dutch folk musician Broeder Dieleman revisits am ancient Biblical tale on his new single Jakobsladder, a story about a shepherd who sees angels going up and down a ladder:

The song examines the reflection a place can give: a literal place with its nature, and the figurative place of the person in relation to the world. In this way symbolism and landscape, dream and deed flow beautifully together in this newly told, ancient story of Jakob the shepherd

It is the lead single from his forthcoming new album De Liefde is de Eerste Wet. The video was made by Jonathan Sipkema.

Jakobsladder is released via Snowstar Records. De Liefde is de Eerste Wet is available for pre-order here (vinyl, CD, digital). Release date: May 29.

» broederdieleman.com

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