April 03, 2020

The Wolfgang Press: "Unremembered, Remembered" for Record Store Day

English post-punk band The Wolfgang Press folded in 1996 and the demos that were recorded for what should have been worked on for an album were shelved until now. Unremembered, Remembered will be released for Record Store Day (June 20). They have gone back to the tapes and mastered them at Abbey Road.

Unremembered, Remembered will be pressed on 140g transparent red vinyl via 4AD. 1500 copies.

1. You Say You Love Me (demo) / 2. God, Let If Shine On (demo) / 3. My Mother Told Me (demo)

1. Black Hole Star (demo) / 2. Liar (demo) / 3. Miss H.I.V. (demo)

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