February 11, 2020

HCTF premiere - Patsy's Rats: Looking at Yr Phone (from Typical Girls Volume Five)

Leave it to the folks at Emotional Response Records to assemble another choice collection of all female and female-fronted garage bands for Typical Girls Volume Five, due for release on February 21. Listen to Portland's Patsy's Rats tearing it up with Looking at Yr Phone, an amalgam of the Velvets' sense of rhythm and bubblegum pop with a bite.

Typical Girls Volume Five features songs by Empat Lima (Australia), Color TV (USA), The Inserts (Germany), Vital Idles (Scotland), Snob (England), Table Sugar (USA), Whip (USA), Helene Barbier (Canada), Childs Pose (England), Patsys Rats (USA), Slag Queens (Australia), Mr Wrong (USA), Kamala And The Karnivores (USA), Latitude (USA), Drama (USA), and Linda Guilala (Spain). Even in-the-know garage underground fans will be familiar with about half of them at the most, so there is much to discover on this new collection. Pre-order here.

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