January 02, 2020

The Foreign Films: interview on SweetSweetMusicBlog

SweetSweetMusicBlog has an interview with power pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Majoros about where to go next after the release of his magnum opus The Record Collector, a 3LP set by his project The Foreign Films. About measuring the level of success he has achieved after the universal critical acclaim for the album:

Personally, this album is a defining artistic statement, that was one of the main goals. It’s a personal high water mark, I consider it a success as of now. I set out to create my own musical world, a triple vinyl album with creative artwork and a short story. It was a creative marathon but we crossed the finish line. The ending is now the starting point for the next album because I love the process; it gives me hope for the future.

As I was saying, my idea of success is based on striving for creative goals and day to day happiness & the happiness of those around me. It’s the pursuit of artistic excellence and the grand unknown. In other words..the song I may write tomorrow. It’s also about the artistic adventure and following creative bliss. Success is continuing to grow as an artist and contributing something positive to grand tapestry of music, no matter how obscure. Commercial success and personal success are different animals.

» theforeignfilms.com

HCTF review of The Record Collector.

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