November 08, 2019

Pocket Knife Army: 1786

photo: Maan

Dutch electronic pop duo Pocket Knife Army went back to their studio to record four tracks from their Monthly Release Challenge sessions for the 1786 EP. There is an easy explanation for the title of the EP. They refer to the order in which the original live versions were released.

Staying close to their one take live renditions Desirée Coumans and Erwin Tuijl put the dots on the "i"s, tightened up the arrangements and expanded some of the ideas they hinted at before, especially during The Leash and The Dream Eater. The urgency and in the moment vibe is still there and that is no mean feat. More often than not the energy of an on-the-fly session goes missing when there is plenty of time to overthink things and ultimately getting lost in the process.

1786 is a self-released EP (digital, CD). Buy it from their website. All nine live in studio recordings are also available (pay-what-you-want).

  1. The Editor
  2. The Body of a Man
  3. The Leash
  4. The Dream Eater

Live dates:
  • 11/09 RPL FM Radio Show Woerden, Netherlands
  • 11/30 Waveshaper Festival, Gouda, Netherlands

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