October 17, 2019

STASJ: "Little Girl" video

Watch the new STASJ video for Little Girl, a track from her album Soft Forces. "With electronics and classically trained vocals at the foundations for her music she goes for abstract, surrealistic lyrics, populating her world with kids, commuters and an aloof feline. It is not a pop record as such, neither is it a (modern) classical one. If anything it is a collection of highly personal stories and fairy tales, meandering travelogues and observations."

The stylish B&W clip was directed by Sjaron Minailo.

Live dates:
  • 10/18 Antwerpen, Belgium @ Exposed Music
  • 11/02 Arnhem, Netherlands @ Wentelteefjes
  • 11/12 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Nieuwe Anita
  • 11/16 Berlin, Germany @ Willows Nest
  • 11/18 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ All Strings Night
  • 11/22 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Ruimte - Oooh Amsterdam Festival
  • 11/24 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Ruimte - Oooh Amsterdam Festival

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