October 26, 2019

Natalie Bouloudis: Outlaster

photo: Luke J Novak

English bluesy folk singer Natalie Bouloudis is in full-on dystopian post-punk mode on her new single Outstander, a haunting track about a monster wave wiping out human civilisation the catastrophe. She somehow survives, dancing in the rain. Her vocal delivery comes that Siouxsie and PJ Harvey, making a compelling statement about a future that is not a mere sci-fi nightmare, but a distinct possibility with the climate crisis in mind.

Natalie Bouloudis: vocals, guitar
Hannah Stacey: drums, keyboards
Luke Waterfield: violin
Luke Novak: bass

Outlaster is a self-released single. Buy it from her website. It is a taste from her forthcoming Devil is Doubt EP.

Live date:
  • 12/06 London, UK @ The Finsbury

» Natalie Bouloudis on Facebook

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