August 29, 2019

The Tape Op Podcast: Jeff Tweedy

Tape Op sat down with Jeff Tweedy for their podcast series. He was interviewed by Larry Crane:

I’ve been in studios and rooms all over the world. I’ve seen where The Beatles spent hours creating masterpieces. I’ve been in the room where Buddy Holly’s hits were made. I’ve stood at the mics that Al Green used on so many songs. Many of these places have something special going on – maybe those creative vibes soaked into the walls – but almost all of them require the musicians to cart their instruments and gear in, as well as to spend some time sorting out and setting it up. And, by virtue of the typical layout, many professional studios leave the musicians and engineers in isolation from each other, especially during overdub sessions. In contrast Wilco’s studio, The Loft, is a third-floor warehouse practice space turned studio, where Jeff Tweedy and his band have created a musician’s dream. Racks of drums and other instruments fill the space, with the control room area taking up the front part of the building. There’s even a kitchen/dining spot, a tech bench for repairs, and various little hideaways scattered all around the 5000 square foot space.


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