August 29, 2019

HCTF premiere - Brick Briscoe: "Dolores" video

Watch the new Dolores video by Brick Briscoe. It's a track from his From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise album.

"He has a soft spot for late Eighties college rock, the gnarly yet melodic kind that was championed by the Pixies, Chuck Prophet and Hüsker Dü, with plenty of ad lib comments sprinkled on top. From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise is an album that should be listened to in full, so set aside 35 minutes and 33 seconds, pull the curtains, and follow him on his journey. He knows he will die, but that did not stop him from creating an intense set of linked songs."


HCTF review of From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise.

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