June 17, 2019

LOGOUT: N91° live in Amsterdam

Singer, songwriter and producer LOGOUT played most of the tracks of his N91° album @ De Ruimte in Amsterdam on June 9, 2019. The full release show was captured on video: "With minimalistic electronics gentle swaying throughout N91° is a modern day folk record, a fairy tale an journey rolled into one. After he has paid tribute Portugese poet Fernando Pessoa with the delicate wordplay in the avant-ambient song Pessoan Odyssey the album finally makes its to its destination namesake. It is up to the listener if anything of this actually happened. The record is a true desert island disc, with no set rules, making it impossible to pigeonhole. A bewildering trip through the mindset of a kaleidoscopic musician and poet".

» logoutweb.com

HCTF review of N91°.

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