April 25, 2019

MIS+RESS: Dispellers

Guitarist Brian Wenckebach is on a roll with his solo ambient avant-garde project MIS+RESS. On his new album Dispellers pastoral proggy musings. His crystal clear tone and smart use of echo and loops will appeal to post-rock fans who can handle gentle excursions that dig deep.

With this album Wenckebach's music could be likened to water colour sketches, using the calm perseverance of Matt Stevens and the melodic sensibilities of Mike Oldfield. He can turn a small snippet into something truly memorable and carefully sidesteps all the pitfalls of bubbling New Age fodder.

Dispellers is released thru sound in silence (limited edition of 200 handmade and hand-numbered copies, digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. The Floating World
  2. In Cases Of Bewitchment
  3. Diet Butcher
  4. High-Functioning Sleepwalker
  5. She Trembles As She Paints
  6. Adulting
  7. Moonglow
  8. The International Dark-Sky Association

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