August 21, 2018

MIS+RESS: Zellersasn EP

Guitarist Brian Wenckebach picked eight from his free-flowing guitar segments for the Zellersasn EP by his solo project MIS+RESS. It would be more accurate to label them as improvised structures in stead of actual "songs". With just his guitar and the live looper and sample sequencer after which the EP was named all the tracks sound spontaneous, about halfway avant-garde and next level post-rock.

Wenckebach is adamant to find new ways to make the guitar sound like a whole bunch of instruments and he ended up with surprisingly delicate music, with swirling notes and spot-on motifs. He is a modernist and a sculptor of sound. The electric guitar hasn't been explored in full by a long shot. Playing with guts and an open mind are the way to go.

The Zellersasn EP is released thru Honey Parade Records. Buy it from his website.


  1. The Universe Is Beige
  2. Snow Nap
  3. Xiao San
  4. PLA Unit 61398
  5. Moongazing
  6. Inclusive Fitness.
  7. She Was A Constellation
  8. Deny, Exploit, Corrupt, Destroy

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