March 20, 2019

Ike Willis & Zappatika: Highway Maintenance - Live in the UK

Frank Zappa alumnus Ike Willis and Anglo-Dutch band ZAPPATiKA were on tour in the Uk in November last year, having fun and playing well. After the releasing a visual document - The Highway Maintenance road movie an audio companion featuring live songs from the tour has seen the light of day.

ZAPPATiKA are not a slavish tribute band they always something extra to Zappa's repertoire and for this tour they surprised and delighted their audiences with some deep cuts, including the 200 Motels nugget Magic Fingers and stitching together tracks to turn them into avant-garde mini-suites. O, and they take the piss of the Republicans, which no doubt will be labeled as "explicit" on streaming services and their ilk.

Quite a few tracks were captured during a particularly good show on November 12 @ The Rhondda Hotel in Porth (Wales) on November 12 - Ike Willis' birthday - the band honoured him with off-kilter version of Ravel's Bolero. Highway Maintenance is a fun album. No holograms, no shit, just music. Because music is the best.

Highway Maintenance - Live in the UK is a self-released album. To get on CD, use Paypal and send a measly 10 bucks/euros/quids to (add 2 bucks for postage in Europe/UK or 4 bucks for USA/Canada).

  1. Intro Bolero / Lucille
  2. Catholic Girls
  3. Son of Orange County / More Trouble Every Day
  4. Magic Fingers
  5. Montana / Zoot Allures / Whippin' Post
  6. Dirty Love
  7. City of Tiny Lights / Outside Now
  8. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes
  9. Ike's Birthday Bolero
  10. Muffin Man - Goodnight

Live dates:
  • 05/03 Leiden, The Netherlands @ Q-Bus Muziekhuis
  • 05/04 Essen, Germany @ The Freakshow
  • 05/05 Lens, Belgium @ The Titans Club

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