November 13, 2018

The Grand East: What A Man

What A Man, the new album by Dutch Bluesy rock quintet The Grand East is a throwback to the soulful guitar and organ music of the late Sixties and early Seventies has quite a bit of soul. They paint with broad strokes, stretching the notes. Melancholy and bravado are playing catch throughout the record. It's all about getting up after been beaten down.

Hammond player Joris van den Berg deserves to be singled for his on point fills and textural contributions. If this is what retro sounds like, it has a bright future.

The Grand East:
Arthur Akkermans: vocals
Niek Cival: guitar
Teun Eijsink: bas
Imanishi Kleinmeulman: drums
Joris van den Berg: Hammond organ

What A Man is released thru Gooma Music. Release date: November 16.

  1. Away
  2. Apocalypse Now
  3. What A Man
  4. Sweet Boy
  5. Who Is Joe
  6. I've Been Young
  7. Magic Surf
  8. Straaljager
  9. Burn Away
  10. Feels Like I'm Flying

Live dates:
  • 11/14 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany @ Nachtleben
  • 11/15 Berlin, Germany @ Privatclub
  • 11/17 Udestedt, Germany @ Winterblues Festival
  • 11/18 Viechtach, Germany @ Altes Spital
  • 11/19 M√ľnchen, Germany @ Zehner
  • 11/20 Dresden, Germany @ Ostpol
  • 11/22 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Ekko
  • 11/24 Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Merleyn
  • 11/25 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
  • 11/30 Zwolle, Netherlands @ Hedon


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