November 14, 2018

Jet Plane: Falls Feather

Russian post-rockers Jet Plane sound a lot darker on their new album Falls Feather, building their tracks on monolithic riffs and loops. Their signature use of glockenspiel, violin and bagpipes has been pushed back into the background and while that is understandable for for their new guitar heavy prog course it also make them less special. When of those instruments gets the chance to be heard in a track like Wildflower the music gains depth. They have another ace up their sleeve however, when they unleash the neo-classical prog grandeur of Moreno.

The band is going through some soul searching in their quest for a new course. Dead ends are unavoidable, but they keep busy cutting their way through the genres to carve a new niche for their music.

Jet Plane"
Sergey Sapunov: guitar
Maxim Berezko: guitar
Dmitriy Bulavincev: drums, glockenspiel
Igor Zyuzko: Violin, bagpipes, piano, vocals
Konstantin Kiselev: bass
Vladimir Zyuzko: vocals on "Morendo"

Falls Feather is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Also available on Rico Label (Japan). Release date: November 15th.

  1. All Through The Day
  2. Ocean
  3. Wildflowers
  4. Morendo
  5. Less
  6. Tea

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