October 08, 2018

Town of Saints: Celebrate

Dutch/Finnish folk band Town of Saints are back with a new album, Celebrate, a two-faced record about having a good time in the face of the apocalypse. Harmen Ridderbos and Heta Salkolahti share their worries about the state of humankind and whether they use country-rock (No Mistakes) or orchestral pop (Requiem For The Living), there always is a glimmer of hope for a Hollywood ending. The final track, Ode To The New World, is even downright optimistic.

And if humankind decided to fuck it all up big time, why not dance on the volcano before it all ends in tears? Sing along with the belters Up In Smoke or Oscillate. Melancholy, joy, despair, it's all there on Celebrate making it their most ambitious album to date.

Celebrate is released thru Snowstar Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Celebrate
  2. Requiem For The Living
  3. No Mistakes
  4. Weeds
  5. Up In Smoke
  6. Elegy (The Last Dance)
  7. Oscillate
  8. (Six Feet) Under
  9. Rise Up
  10. Paint
  11. Ode To The New World

Live dates:
  • 10/19 Utopiastadt, Wuppertal, Germany
  • 10/21 Artheater,Cologne, Germany
  • 10/22 Kulturgüterbahnhof, Langenberg, Germany
  • 10/23 Tower, Bremen, Germany
  • 10/28 Falkendom, Bielefeld, Germany
  • 10/29 Häkken, Hamburg, Germany
  • 10/30 Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
  • 10/31 Club Stereo, Nuremberg, Germany
  • 11/02 Dachauer Kultur-schranne, Dachau, Germany
  • 11/24 Amen, De Amer, Netherlands
  • 11/25 TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 11/30 Merleyn, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • 12/07 V11, Rotterdam<, Netherlands/li>
  • 12/08 Cinetol, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 12/09 Hedon, Zwolle, Netherlands
  • 12/14 Vera, Groningen, Netherlands

» townofsaints.com

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