October 15, 2018

Broeder Dieleman: "Komma" live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Dutch folk musician Broeder Dieleman managed to turn the upstairs hall at Paradiso, Amsterdam into a part of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, when he performed the songs of his latest album Komma. Taking his time to introduce and each song he led the audience on a journey through the polders and creeks and pointing out birds and colourful characters that he met along the way. And while performing an album in full, might limit the space for a band there was plenty of room for improvisation, making it a showcase for jazzy folk and vocalizing.

Dieleman is a storyteller who only needs a few choice words to paint a complete picture, bringing back to life Jane Pape, a women who cursed every local who did not visit her shop, and Omer Gielliet, a priest who did not want any money from the Roman Catholic church, but took a second job as sculptor (signing them with a komma) to pay for his food and the maintenance and repairs.

He dug into his back catalog to bring the show to close. After explaining that he wrote Ziverspa to try to deal with the death of his mother, he led the audience through a bout of community singing, just like he did when he visited all the primary school to teach the pupils to sing it with with him. Gloria and Voor Janne en Lieve (his daughters), daring them to "fuck de haters" and follow their dreams. Sound advice from an original artist.

Broeder Dieleman:
Toon Dieleman: vocals, banjo
Janine van Osta: vocals, guitar
Pim van de Werken: keyboards, FX
Leo Fabriek: drums, vocals

Live dates:

  • 10/25 EKKO, Utrecht
  • 10/27 De Rozenknop, Eindhoven
  • 11/02 Bleyenberg, Den Haag
  • 11/10 Geestedrift Festival, Utrecht
  • 11/15 Lutherse Kerk, Groningen
  • 11/16 Statenzaal, Zwolle
  • 12/09 Savelbergklooster, Heerlen


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