September 10, 2018

The League of Assholes: RAW MEAT DIET

The League of Assholes will keep releasing freaky sound collages as long as 45 resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The third in the series is called RAW MEAT DIET and it is a harsh/pastoral/electronic/avant-garde/noise/freejazz extravaganza with some animal noises thrown it to make it even more harrowing. Marcelo Radulovich acted once more as the collector and collator of the project, turning to his LA scene to help him our and inviting everyone who had something to contribute to another musical blast aimed at the Trump administration.

While most listeners won't be able to handle all 30 minutes and 17 seconds in one sitting it is best enjoyed in full (and preferably loud) to fully appreciate the dynamics and smart tension and release created by Radulovich when he stitched the pieces together. It is a towering musical canvas that can flap wildly or flutter surprisingly gently within the space of a couple of bars.

Christopher Adler: khaen
Akilegna: mehtna naissur
Abel Ashes: acoustic guitar
Big, Frasier & Foley: barks
Dylan Lee Brown: drums, percussion
James Call: theremin
Randy Chiurazzi: guitarbage can
Spud Davenport: drums, dogs
Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla 200e
Marcos Fernandes: protest march phonography
Hans Fjellestad: piano
Fly: buzz
Gorilla: snarls
Chet Harrison: strange partscaster guitar
Napoleon Hawerchuk: baritone saxophone
Damon Holzborn: synthesizer
Jeff Kaiser: flugelhorn
Charles Maynes: music montage
Pig: squeals
Rabid dog: snarls
Jessica Radulovich: voice, trampoline
Marcelo Radulovich: iPhone, percussion, bass, phonography, voice
Bart Stull: guitar, electronics
FM Watson: fretless guitars
Woodpecker: pecking
David Ybarra: bass

RAW MEAT DIET is released on Titicacaman Records.


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