March 14, 2018

The League of Assholes: IM PEACH The Sequel

The Trump administration is still a great source of inspiration for the arts. The vocal and very loud collective The League of Assholes weight in the release of IM PEACH, half an hour of improvised avant-noise that was unpredictable as the shenanigans of the Donald. Forget abut Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, or Joan Baez. Anger superseded any notion of melody. The Assholes meant to the hurt 45 and the rotating roster of cronies that surround him. And now The League is back with the shorter - but even more intense - IM PEACH The Sequel.

Once again assembled and mixed by Marcelo Radulovich the free-for-all anything-goes tapestry of outbursts, gnarly noises, drones and haunting voices that refuses to let go for 22 minutes. It's piece of music that will make the skin of the uninitiated crawl, but like any good doctor knows desperate diseases must have desperate remedies. Or in the words of The Assholes themselves: make America grate again.

Christopher Adler: shortwave radio
Argonoise: improvisation source
DB: guitar
Dylan Lee Brown: drums, drum machine, sampler, array midi controller, Casio
Cosmo Call: Casio
James Call: organ, Casio, distorted piano
Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla & Elektron media re-channeling/re-truthing algorithms
Marcos Fernandes: synth
Barney Firks: bass
Damon Holzborn: synthesizer
Charles Maynes: grand piano, sound effects
Nicey Nice World: improvisation source
Jessica Radulovich: voice, didgeridoo
Marcelo Radulovich: guitar, voice, melodica, percussion, thunder drums, bul bul, vuvuzella, iPhone, mix master Radul
Joyce Rooks: processed cello
Max Springer: processed voice
Mike Stone: synth
Jules Stratton: scream
Bart Stull: guitar, electronics
Risa Takeda: synth
FM Watson: Homemade samples & Ebow layered fretless guitars
Zoe Weslowski: scream
David Ybarra: rhythm loop
Bill Wesley: Array Mbira

IM PEACH The Sequel is released on Titicacaman Records.


HCTF review of IM PEACH.

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