September 30, 2017

The League of Assholes: IM PEACH

Much has been said about the Trump administration and most of it is unfavourable to say the least. Nepotism, oligarchism, shady financial deals, the embracement of the extreme right (Nazis, fascists and the KKK), sexism and racism. O, and blatant lies. It's all there since a narcist became President of the United States. For the arts the Donald is a blessing. Satirists, cartoonists and musicians are having a field day defiling the latest scandals. No need for hyperboles, because - as they say - you can't make this shit up. And now The League of Assholes, a collective with a varying roster that has been around since the late Nineties, weigh in with half an hour of avant-garde called IM PEACH.

Assembled and mixed by Marcelo Radulovich at his Titicacaman Studio in Cardiff, CA IM PEACH is a tapestry incorporating the contributions of 30 musicians. It's a sonic brick through the windows of Trump Tower, with a note attached to step down or be ridden out of town on rail. Like 45 the improvisations go through tons of mood swings, from pastoral to all-out freak guitar outbursts, screaming brass and woodwinds, and flailing drums. But nothing is more scary than the incorporation of a couple quotes from the inauguration. IM PEACH is a one-fingered salute that should be played really fucking loud.

Christopher Adler: Okinawan sanshin
Abel Ashes: guitar, textures, voice
Android: voice
Jon Boe: guitar feedback
Dylan Lee Brown: synth, electronics
James Call: theremin
Lou Damien: saxophone
Spud Davenport: electronics, vocal dittie
Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla 200e vocoder and synth, and computer work
Marcos Fernandes: percussion, electronics
Barney Firks: interviewer, electronics
Samuel Firks Herrera: interviewee
Hans Fjellestad: piano
Chet Harrison: viola
Damon Holzborn: synthesizers, drum machine
Dan Jacobson: electronic percussion
Vivien Lee: garbage truck recording
Charles Maynes: gun sound effects
Jessica Radulovich: pop corn recording
Marcelo Radulovich: guitar, voice, hurdy gurdy, melodica, percussion, bass, mix master Radul
Bill Ray: drums
Joyce Rooks: cello
Scott Sayre: trombone, wolf wrangler
Bart Stull: guitar, electronics, anti-KKK march recording
Donald Trump: voice
FM Watson: DaddyLongLeggs sound collage
The Wolves (8th Grade Wind Ensemble Class): flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba, percussion
David Ybarra: bass, swampy loop
Ted Washington: voice
Bill Wesley: harmony array keyboard

IM PEACH is released on Titicacaman Records.


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