August 31, 2018

Broeder Dieleman: Komma

Dutch folk singer broeder Dieleman captures the spirit of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen on his new double album Komma, an impressive free-flowing set of music plus a book with a selection of the photos he made over the past two years. He explored the creeks and spoke to the inhabitants of this thinly populated part of the Netherlands, where the trees are lined up like a single file military parade and the air smells of sugar beets and the salty winds blowing in from the Westerschelde.

Komma, named after the priest and sculptor Omer Gielliet's signature - plus "Komma" is dialect for "kom maar" (come on over), is a two-faced album. The first is a band record with melancholic folk songs, sung in the dialect that is close to his heart. The second album is a lengthy, dreamy invocation of one his favourite creeks t Gat van Pinten, a poetic story told by different voices, enhanced by field recordings and found sounds. This modern day radio drama is a continuation of the music that came by his previous book Uut de bron.

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen has always been a bit a different. Not too long ago visitors needed to take a ferry to get there and although it's not an island as such - it's adjacent to Belgium - the isolation is preserved in the stories. Dieleman offers an inside look on an album that is both an ode and a lament for a culture that is fading fast.

Toon Dieleman: banjo, vocals
Pim van de Werken: piano, vocals
Adam Casey: bass, vocals
Leo Fabriek: drums, vocals
Janine van Osta: vocals, shrutibox
René Everts: saxophones, clarinet, vocals

Komma will be released on September 7th thru Snowstar Records. The album comes with by a book with photos. It is a deluxe release, limited to 500 CD's and 500 LP's, which are all signed and hand numbered.

?irst album:
  1. Christoforus
  2. De Groeten
  3. Het Grote Donkere Water van de Nacht
  4. Jane Pape
  5. Alles is beweging
  6. Onaf pad
  7. Omer II
  8. Leve de wind
Second album:
  1. 't Gat van Pinten I
  2. 't Gat van Pinten II

Live dates:

  • 09/30 Zeeuwse Concertzaal (album release show), Middelburg
  • 10/12 Kantine Walhalla, Rotterdam
  • 10/14 Paradiso, Amsterdam
  • 10/25 EKKO, Utrecht
  • 10/27 De Rozenknop, Eindhoven
  • 11/02 Bleyenberg, Den Haag
  • 11/10 Geestedrift Festival, Utrecht
  • 11/15 Lutherse Kerk, Groningen
  • 11/16 Statenzaal, Zwolle
  • 12/09 Savelbergklooster, Heerlen


HCTF review of Uut de bron.

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