August 30, 2018

Big Harp George: Uptown Cool

photo: Peggy DeRose

George Bisharat made a living as a defense attorney and professor of law at UC Hastings College of the Law, before living the dream as a blues musician named Big Harp George. He plays a mean chromatic harmonica on his third album Uptown Cool and for his singing he can rely on his experience in the court and class rooms. His timing is spot on and he knows how to tell a story tat can captivate (and convince) and audience. Backed by band that knows how to swing and rock, he can be tongue-inc-cheek when he takes the poss with Alternative Facts or poke fun at virtual relationships in Internet Honey. Make no mistake: he can be tough as well. Go to the defiant Bulletproo to find out.

Uptown Cool is a stylish throwback to the Fifties, an album for blues fans who can handle wordplay, irreverent good-humoured bashing of the powers that be, and the art of good old-fashioned court ship. Big Harp George is not a purist, inserting jazz and bossa nova when it fits the mood of the music. Best enjoyed with a cocktail or a single malt.

Uptown Cool is released thru Blue Mountain Records. Buy it from his website, iTunes or Amazon.

  1. Down To The Rite Aid
  2. Internet Honey
  3. Alternative Facts
  4. I Wanna Know
  5. Nobody’s Listening
  6. In The First Place
  7. Standing In The Weather
  8. Bulletproof
  9. Cold Snap By The Bay
  10. Just Calm Yourself
  11. Uptown Cool
  12. Lord Make Me Chaste

Live dates:
  • 09/08 San Jose, CA @ Poor House Bistro
  • 09/24 Oakland, CA @ Eli's Mile High Club
  • 10/12 San Francisco, CA, @ Biscuits & Blues
  • 10/17 Redwood City, CA @ Club Fox
  • 10/26 Fremont, CA, @ Smoking Pig BBQ Fremont


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