June 08, 2018

Howart: Howart

Howart is a project by Dutch artist Anneke Nieuwdorp. Her self-titled mini-album describes her coming of age. She uses poetry, dreampop and Krautrock soundscapes to weave a web of sonic fairy tales. her voice is her main instrument, and by way technology, mainly, loops, echo and double tracking, she turned herself into a mysterious one-woman choir.

Nieuwdorp is a searcher who doesn't offer answers. She is a guide without a map in her own musical maze. Be prepared to wander and wonder. This is an album to spin in semi darkness, when the light plays tricks on the eyes and the ears have to step up to make sense of it all.

Howart will be released on thru Tiny Room Records (vinyl, digital). Pre-order here. Release date: June 15th.

  1. Dreams
  2. Adore
  3. Focus
  4. Market
  5. Song
  6. Draw

She will bring Howart to life with help from Dave Mollen (drums), Gino Miniutti (bass) and Stefan Breuer (guitar, vocals).

Live dates:
  • 06/22 Utrecht, The Netherlands @ Vechtclub XL
    (w/ Michael Feuerstack, Howrah, Mummy's a Tree)
  • 06/23 Nijmegen, The Netherlands @ Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim
    (w/ Boorwater, The Naked Shortsellers, Michael Feuerstack, Mummy's a Tree)

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