April 09, 2018

Spottiswoode & His Enemies: raising funds for new album "Lost In The City"

English/American septet Spottiswoode & His Enemies have launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to cover the costs of recording their new album Lost In The City. They are aiming to raise £ 15,000 ($21,000). Singer Jonathan Spottiswoode explains:

LOST IN THE CITY is our most ambitious song cycle to date. An emotional sucker punch. Tales of love and death in the Big Apple. Celebrating two decades together as a band, the music reflects the raw energy and sophistication of the city we’ve called home; a giddy brew of balladry, jazz, rock, blues, minimalism, you name it. It’s poignant for me since I’ve recently moved back to London where I’m raising my baby daughter. Some of the songs almost sound like a farewell.

I’m particularly excited because the album showcases the lyricism of our two despicably sassy horn players, Candace DeBartolo and Kevin Cordt. They share more solos here than on any of our previous albums. They’ll also be joined on a few numbers by guest trombonist Sara Jacovino. A lush horn section for our jazziest record!

But don’t be fooled. We’re much too undisciplined to let ourselves be pigeon-holed. The band still rocks and struts. Blame the insubordinate rhythm section of John Young, Tim Vaill and producer Riley McMahon for scuppering any dreams of international jazz festivals. The record takes a further turn down a rain-drenched boulevard where we find Tony Lauria plinking on his piano in the company of a string quartet featuring "Einstein On The Beach" violin virtuoso, Antoine Silverman. Add our old friends Martha Redbone and Alexis England on belting backing vocals and you can throw any quick elevator pitch straight out of the 42nd floor window.

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