March 22, 2018

Todd Tobias & Combo Qasam: MASSABU Evening Entertainments

Ohio experimentalist Todd Tobias changes gears on his new album MASSABU Evening Entertainments, a rollicking of short alt-dance tunes inspired by Capatin Beefheart and seminal Krautrock acts Can and Neu!, supposedly played by a fictional band from Massabu called Combo Qasam. Tobias is a musical wizard who can invent whole new worlds, with its own rules and traditions. Build upon a swirling guitars and harsh percussion he finds his way through the self-imposed limitations of each album and this one is no exception.

Todd Tobias dons the mantle of the MC at a left-field dance club, spinning hectic and chill-out tunes that are weird enough to satisfy the serious music geek and cater to the more adventurous reveller as well, whether it is a monolithic jig like Pongophobe Joe or the dreamy psych freak-out Priestess Of Nod that sounds like somebody put something in the drink of Kate Bush.

Todd Tobias: composer, producer, drums, percussion, acoustic guitar
Pat Moonchy: vocal on tracks 1,7,10
Chloe March: vocal effects on tracks 2,4,11
Tim Tobias: backward guitar on track 9
Combo Qasam: Hanad (electric guitar, rebab, kaban), Soofe (flute, farfisa organ, rababah), Maax (bass guitar, boxes) and Doog (spoons).

MASSABU Evening Entertainments is released via Tiny Room Records (UK & Europe) and his own website (USA). Formats: CD, cassette, digital. Release date: Release date March 23rd.

  1. Do The Massabu
  2. Dance Of The 7 Males / Lucy Kong
  3. Restless Natives
  4. Massabu Express
  5. Pongophobe Joe
  6. Half Buick
  7. Doctor Shar
  8. Goat Man Jig
  9. Yogi vs. Yeti
  10. Priestess Of Nod
  11. Atlantis Of The Sands
  12. Rancho Bonobo
  13. Son Of Lucy Kong

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During three Dutch shows, a real life version of Combo Qasam (members of Lost Bear and Rogue Minor) will play the songs from MASSABU Evening Entertainments:

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