March 22, 2018

HCTF premiere - SPOONFiSH: "Psycho Bitch" teaser

SPOONFiSH, the new band fronted by Zap Mcinnes, will present their debut single Psycho Bitch on April (45 seconds teaser here). The band has two other members (Hieronymus van Dam and Joep Oosterbaan) from the Frank Zappa tribute band ZAPPATikA, plus drummer Samuel van Tol. They are playing original material, a mix of "rock, jazz and progressive themes and as funky as fuck".

Zap Mcinnes: guitar & vocals
Hieronymus van Dam: percussion, synths, keyboards & vocals
Samuel van Tol: drums
Joep Oosterbaan: bass guitar

They are currently working on their debut album The Devils' Delight.

Live date:
  • 04/01 Leiden, Netherlands @ QBus

» SPOONFiSH on Facebook

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