March 09, 2018

Marble Sounds: Live with Casco Phil at Concertgebouw Brugge

photo: Kathie Danneels

It has been tried many times before: a band with an orchestra. This kind of meeting of two worlds can be as awkward a first date with both parties trying to get out of it as painless as possible, but every now and then it's not a collision but a true collaboration. Belgian indie band Marble Sounds have been leaning to the orchestral approach on their studio albums and the pairing with chamber orchestra Casco Phil on stage of the Concertgebouw in Brugge on April 14 last year was a highly succesfull one. Luckily enough the proceedings were recorded - originally just for a video of one song, KV, about the Kathrine V. Switzer, the first female participant in the Boston Marathon.

After hearing the recordings band leader Pieter Van Dessel decided that the release of a full album would be in order. Live with Casco Phil at Concertgebouw Brugge is a gentle album, with all participants chipping in to create an organic, multi-layered sound. Don't let the softness of the music fool you - the lyrics can be quite opinionated at times. It's a study in contrasts, presenting itself as a laidback pop and strings album, unfolding a little wider after each listen.

Live with Casco Phil at Concertgebouw Brugge is released thru Zealrecords.

  1. Present Continuous
  2. The First Try
  3. Sky High
  4. A New Breeze
  5. Ten Seconds to Count Down
  6. K.V.
  7. Leave a Light On
  8. Tout et Partou
  9. (How It's Going to) End
  10. If You Stay Then I Can't Go
  11. Evenings


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