March 28, 2018

Lavalu: "Ginger Night'" video

Dutch singer and pianist Lavalu has made a video for Ginger Night, a track from her Solitary High album. "As a composer and lyricist she is the missing link between classical music and jazzy piano pop, genres that are connected seamlessly on Solitary High. Lavalu's low volume music has inner-circle favourite written all over it, catering to people who have the decency to shut up (and leave their phones in their pockets when she plays."

Live dates:
  • 03/28 Arnhem @ Piano Day- Luxor Live
  • 04/14 Echten @ Klein Paradiso
  • 04/15 Amsterdam @ Roode Bioscoop
  • 06/17 Hummelo @ Mañana Mañana
  • 09/09 Nijmegen @ De Oversteek


HCTF review of Solitary High.

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