March 28, 2018

Bruce Forman: Junkyard Duo (feat. Jake Reed, Jay Bellerose)

Jazz guitarist Bruce Forman makes the most of diminishing attention spans with 29 short tracks on his new album Junkyard Duo with Jake Reed and Jay Bellerose keeping the beat on drums, reclaimed junk, and Samsonite suitcases). As a regular contributor to movie soundtracks he knows how to make point or catch a mood within a minute or two or less.

It's easy to picture these musician sitting on the porch amidst a pile of assorted junk trading licks, delving into their grab bag of accumulated musical knowledge of jazz, juke joint, country and blues. And while not all the tracks are memorable, others stand tall as complete and succinct statements. Chain Gang evokes the image of a long line of convicted felons trotting slowly on a dusty dirt road. The notes in Tinder Lee are floating like tumble weeds and Freight Train chugs along with brushes acting as the steam powered locomotive. It's not like Bruce Forman really needs it, but he could use Junkyard Duo as a portfolio of his capabilities of making his National M-1 Tricone guitar sing.

Junkyard Duo is released thru B4man Music.

  1. Click Clack
  2. It's Not Me It's You
  3. Object of Infection
  4. No Time
  5. Formanism
  6. Hall of Shadows
  7. Chain Gang
  8. Freight Train
  9. Bird Drib
  10. Relay Convoy
  11. Main Squeez
  12. Crab Walk
  13. Tin Der Lee
  14. First Things First
  15. Paper or Plastic
  16. Ray Brown's Bass
  17. Eartest
  18. Blues Bump
  19. Shenandoah
  20. Space Convoy
  21. Rope-a-Dope
  22. Lemon Casa
  23. Yavos Stump
  24. Oscar
  25. America the Beautiful
  26. River Journey
  27. To Panga
  28. Sgb
  29. Whale I Needed Suite


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