March 10, 2018

John Cale: London 2018/03/09 setlist

John Cale performed at Barbican, London, UK - March 9, 2018. First night of the John Cale (2018-1964): A Futurespective shows with the London Contemporary Orchestra, the House Gospel Choir and Darren J. Cunningham (aka Actress).

The band:
John Cale: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards
Dustin Boyer: lead guitar, samples
Joey Maramba: bass
Deantoni Parks: drums, samples


  1. Over Her Head
  2. Dying On The Vine
  3. Hedda Gabler
  4. E Is Missing
  5. Helen Of Troy
  6. Big White Cloud
  7. Half Past France
  8. Leaving It Up To You
  9. Magritte
  10. Buffalo Ballet (w/ Cate Le Bon)
  11. Mr. Wilson
  12. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  13. Chums of Dumpty (we all are)
  14. Amsterdam (w/ Cate Le Bon)
  15. Villa Albani
  16. I'm Waiting For The Man
  17. Pretty People
  18. E: Hatred
  19. Emily

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(Thanks: Marek Koudelka)

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