November 10, 2017

ZAPPATiKA: From Glasgow to the Isle of Wight

The new ZAPPATiKA live album should From Glasgow to the Isle of Wight, hadn't the master for he planned Live on the Isle of Wight album have been lost (and another copy of the files sounded like shit). Recorded during 2017 UK "Tour Britannia" they picked the best tracks from various performances.

As a seasoned tribute band ZAPPATiKA know Zappa's material inside out - they have shared the stage with quite a few of FZ's band members - but they are not mere copyists and also add something extra. Energy, musical chops and sense of humour are essential for playing Zappa's music and they have it in spades. They let rip during Broken Hearts are for Assholes and City of Tiny Lights. By contrast you can hear a pin drop during Black Napkins and Watermelon in Easter Hay. The highlight is a tight version of the challenging The Torture Never Stops, Many musicians have dropped the ball during this one, but they bring it home safely.

Zap Mcinnes (UK): guitar & vocals
Hieronymus van Dam (NL): synth, vocals, percussion, keys
Diego Mocci (ITA): drums
Joep Oosterbaan (NL: bass
Emile Chill (USA): guitar & vocals
Osman Meyredi (ITA): keyboards & vocals

From Glasgow to the Isle of Wight is released as an a href=""> absolutely free download.

  1. Keep it Greasy
  2. Broken Hearts are for Assholes
  3. City of Tiny Lights
  4. Cosmic Debris
  5. Montana
  6. Zoot Allures
  7. Whippin' Post
  8. Black Napkins
  9. Ms Pinky
  10. Camarillo Brillo >
  11. Muffin Man
  12. Son of Orange County >
  13. More Trouble Every Day
  14. I am the Slime
  15. The Torture Never Stops
  16. Andy
  17. Watermelon in Easter Hay

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