November 04, 2017

The Radio Set: Ep#1

The North East of England gave birth to quite a few memorable New Wave acts in the early Eighties. The genre is not mainstream these days, but it is alive in well. The Radio Set's first release Ep#1 has all the key elements in place: dead center vocals and sparse, but highly effective music, with the bass a lead instrument.

To prove that they do things a little bit different in the 21st century they kick off the proceedings with the dystopian soundscape When We Heard the Silence it was Deafening. With that statement out of the way, they step out from their Tardis and serve up four brand new songs that sound vintage. The dance floor filler Can't Give You Up is a blend of Blondie and Soft Cell, The Human League gets a nod with You Broke My Heart When You Kissed Her during which singer Karen briefly refers to the TV series Charlie's Angels and the melancholic In the Night is tailor-made for rainy nights.

They have launched a fundraising campaign to get the money to let New Order/Joy Division legend Peter Hook produce their new single Gotta Crush on You. When they can make it happen, New Wave will have gone circle.

The Radio Set:
Karen: vocals
Russ: drums
Nathan: bass
Chris: guitar

Ep#1 is self-released. Buy it from their website.

  1. When We Heard the Silence it was Deafening
  2. Can't Give You Up
  3. You Broke My Heart When You Kissed Her
  4. In the Night
  5. Invisible Girl

Live dates:
  • 11/10 South Shields @ Hedworth Hall - Fundraiser
  • 12/02 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne @ Think Tank Underground


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