October 11, 2017

The Mouthhole Band: Name Songs (Go Go Johnny Go Go)

Nashville musicians Morgan Ames, Zac Caffrey, Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, are huge fans of Johnny Dowd. Travis and Michael were thrilled when he sang and played on a song on their Dead Dads album by their avant-garde garage noise duo The Chewers in 2015.

Fast forward to 2016. One of the perks of Johnny's crowdfunding campaign for his album Execute American Folklore was a song written for you if you handed over 1000 dollars. They hadn't that kind of money lying around, but came up with a good idea: a campaign to raise the fund by offering contributors to write a song about them. They came close - 760 dollars, and because Johnny Dowd loved the idea he wrote the song anyway, naming it Mouthhole, after the underground basement music venue where the four musicians put on shows in Nashville.

They rounded up all 36 songs they recorded for an album, Name Songs (Go Go Johnny Go Go). None of the tracks breaks the one minute barrier, but each of them feels like a complete song. Each of the contributors is honoured with an alternate back story loaded with dark humour and a bit of violence. Recommended if you like Primus, Can, Tom Waits, and the Residents.

Name Songs (Go Go Johnny Go Go) is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.

  1. Nordista Freeze
  2. Jennifer Edmondson
  3. Gabe Stallman
  4. Willey Seville
  5. Larry Stallman
  6. Dakota Jernigan
  7. Jade Dowd
  8. Ted Kindig
  9. Jyl Dowd
  10. Ziona Riley
  11. Hope Headden
  12. Sperry Whitewa
  13. Christy Hartman
  14. MPG Experts
  15. Andrew Martin
  16. Kim Sherwood-Caso
  17. Rachelle Smith-Stallman
  18. Yellow Salamand'r
  19. Maddie Ryan
  20. Adam Terry
  21. Brad Edmondson
  22. Bob Corstad
  23. Kayla Lemons
  24. Jared Martin
  25. Jacquelyn Hall
  26. Paul-Johan
  27. Will Redmond
  28. Laura Felts
  29. Drew Wilson
  30. Izzy and Laura
  31. Grace Wegener
  32. Rebecca Lyne
  33. Melissa Tavvs
  34. Yer Maw
  35. Anonymous
  36. Johnny Dowd

» themouthhole.bandcamp.com

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