June 02, 2015

The Chewers: Dead Dads

Nashville based avant-garde garage noise duo The Chewers have amassed another healthy dose of harsh, sparse off-kilter songs. Dead Dads is an eventful ride at fun fair from Hell. Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler have a soft spot for the creepy - (I Wanna Be) Friends With Your Kids is a parents nightmare set to music - and they love to mock the materialism that comes with American Dream in Scar Not A Car.

Dead Dads is about outsiders and misfits. It is also a fierce statement of independence and discovering beauty in dumpsters. The Chewers is a duo for fans of Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and Johnny Dowd fans. The latter has a memorable guest spot on King Cockroach playing synths and handling the vocals.

Dead Dads will be released on June 12th. Free CD for attendees of the album release party.

  1. It's All The Rage
  2. Dig The Pit
  3. Curtains
  4. Jiimmy Does The Shimmy
  5. Bees Buzz
  6. The Reduction
  7. (I Wanna Be) Friends With Your Kids
  8. Politics
  9. Cyclicism
  10. The Lurk
  11. Rotgut
  12. Dead Dads
  13. It Must Be Fresh
  14. Hello Mr. Lizard
  15. King Cockroach
  16. Swelling Spasm Frustration
  17. Scar Not A Car
  18. The Chase
  19. Mistanthropic Bones
  20. The Leaky Boat

Live dates:

» thechewers.com

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