October 11, 2014

The Chewers: "Live" in the Mouthhole

Virgina's weirdest duo The Chewers are putting the finishing touches on their new full-length Dead Dads. Now based in Nashville, TN, Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler have been regular performers at the Mouthhole, a safe haven for off-kilter music. They taped one of their shows and made it available on the "Live" in the Mouthhole EP. Arson, a psychopath at the bottom of a well and the dark side of modern technology make an appearance, wrapped in a wreath of demented blues and country.

"Live" in the Mouthhole is a self-released EP. Buy it from the band's website. Bonus for buyers of Chuckle Change And Also.

  1. Well Hell
  2. Charlie Chum
  3. Burn it Down
  4. Techno-Slaves

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