August 06, 2017

Barking at the Mailman: Trial & Error

Blues bands are not en vogue right now and bands that play original material have to work twice as hard to be heard or land a gig. Belgium quintet Barking at the Mailman go against the grain with their fierce debut EP Trial & Error, filled with half a dozen fresh sounding, self-penned songs.

They ooze plenty of swagger courtesy of the bands'guitarists Tim Vandenberghe and Sven Huwé, the kick ass rhythm section Koen Denie (drums) and Bart Van der Haegen (bass) and last but not least in-your face vocalist Raissa Peeters, with her mix of PJ Harvey and Baby Jane Kennedy cool. Whether they take it slow with the sexy I Want You of go all-out screaming swamp blues with Wasting Time (note the nod to the Jefferson Airplane guitar sound) they keep the soulful vibe front and center.

All they need is a lucky break like opening for a bigger act to get out of the smalltown festivals and live music bars circuit. While they are still there, be sure to step to them, buy them a beer and thank them for keeping blues rock alive.

Barking at the Mailman:
Raissa Peeters: lead vocals
Tim Vandenberghe: guitar
Koen Denie: drums
Sven Huwé: guitar, backing vocals
Bart Van der Haegen: bass

Trial & Error is a self-released EP. For sale at their shows (or get in touch with the band or their booking agent).

  1. Wasting Time
  2. Oh My
  3. I Want You
  4. Who's Stopping You?
  5. One By One
  6. The Hard Way

Live dates:
  • 08/05 Dries Kermis, Melle
  • 08/07 Moindag op Spechtes - Hof ten Hemelrijk, Opwijk
  • 08/26 Bellerock - Dorpsplein, Schellebelle
  • 09/09 Barock-festival, Baardegem
  • 09/09 Gaverrock, Geraardsbergen
  • 12/03 Move for Parkinson - Spiraal, Geraardsbergen


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